Foodbank WA's Choose to Move aims to promote physical activity within our School Breakfast Program schools.

Choose to Move

Getting into Physical Activity

Choose to Move  is a school-based physical activity program aimed at children in years 4 to 7, and a new Foodbank WA Healthy Food for All® initiative. It aims to increase student physical activity through structured lessons and unstructured play during the school day.  Choose to Move is closely aligned with the Department of Education's FUNdamental Game Strategies (FGS) Resource.

Schools that participate in Choose to Move will be provided with FREE sporting equipment pack/s. All the sporting equipment provided with Choose to Move is closely aligned with the games included in the FGS Resource. Foodbank WA will also support teachers to obtain the FGS activities manual and encourage staff to attend the FGS professional learning workshops, which are facilitated through the Department of Education. Dates for upcoming professional learning workshops can be found at the Department of Education Website. State-wide roll-out of Choose to Move to registered School Breakfast Program schools started in 2011.

Choose to Move - Goal

  • To increase the proportion of children in years 4 to 7 who report participating in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day, during the school week.

Choose to Move - Objectives

  • Increase student participation in physical activity through structured lessons and unstructured play during the school day

  • Improve the physical activity opportunities for school children through the provision of equipment and teacher support

  • Build the capacity of school teachers to deliver physical activity programs

  • Assist schools to meet the Department of Education's curriculum, assessment and reporting policy requirements that opportunities are provided to enable all students in years 1 to 10 to participate in a minimum of 2 hours of physical activity each week, during the school day as part of learning programs

  • Enhance the physical activity culture within the schools

For more information about Choose to Move, please contact Jenny Tartaglia on 9463 3210 or via email

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